Friday, November 21, 2008


a week to go and i'm in heaven
yea yea,
before that,
3 more papers i need to do.
well, i actually want to write about the past papers
such as additional mathematics
which drove us all crazy.
yes, crazy
before exam started, a friend told me if the black sign at the paper is actually at the top of the paper then the questions are going to be hard.
so it was at the top
but the questions were not that hard,
at least most of us could answer all the questions,
so we went

"cheh tade la susah mane kan"

how confident we were
but for paper 2,
my comment; the questions suck

i couldn't really answer them
okay i could answer some of them but there were some questions that i didn't even know how to do
and when time was over, i cried,
the time given was not enough
everybody went 'susah gile tadi'
and even my friends from another school said the same thing
so hopefully graph turun and i can get 1a
i'm really hoping for that.

now chemistry:

chemistry was okay,
i did okay for paper 1 but was careless at some questions.
paper 2 was okay too. i didn't know some questions but i know most of them.
surprisingly, i knew how to anwer the questions in section b and c.
all of them.except for c section c haha i had the idea but i was not sure whether what i wrote was right.hehe
but paper 3, aiyoh latex came out.
i felt like crying because i didn't read a thing about it.
i prayed and prayed and prayed so hard,
i remember paying attention in class when teacher was teaching about it.
i remember i sat in front early this year and draw the diagram.
i prayed and prayed,
and surprisingly, one by o ne image appeared on my mind.
first, the diagram. roughly but okay.
then i tried and tried.
i remember drawing charges around the latex particles
and it went on quite a while and within half and hour i kind of knew the concept,
now that's why we need to do a lot of solat hajat for spm.
haha i thank Allah for his help,
without HIM i wouldn't be able to answer the questions.
i checked my book as soon as exam was over and i was right,
except for some terms haha i used latex particles instead of membrane etc.

biology and physics.
i hate physics i am worry about physics.
i want to do it well i just am not confident with myself.
so, pray for me guys!

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dya Q U Z A N D R A said...

admth paper 2 sucks! fucks!..em what else huh??
paper 1 was vry easy n i thought the next paper was too..
but hell yeah!!
killing quest!!huhu..