Thursday, November 25, 2010

Harry potter

Just now i watched Harry Potter along with some friends.
Well i thought only a few friends were going to be there
But it turned out HECK half kut malaysian students,
Second years semua to be exact. LOL.

I always have trouble understanding british accent.
Because idk, people here and there dont normally use it, They use american accent
that why im more familiar with it and can laugh to every single joke they make in the movie which i cant do much when watching british movies. :(
ahh this one, with no subtitles. i sure am gonna download this movie and watch it again WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES thank you :(

But i just love british accent.
Id love to be able to use it
Its just so nice and beautiful
Its a shame that idk how to use it = ="

BTW The movie was okay. Im not really a die hard fan of this movie
its just that it is so famous that HP becomes my must-watch movie.

The story is kind of slow, made me quite sleepy
And too many dramas = ="
But it wasnt that bad lah. I mean HP kan.
I almost cried you know when dobby died hes just sooo cute T.T

And there're some parts that made me LOLed.
So funny that i couldnt stop laughing. true story

Okay enough crap. Go perform your isya' prayer, watch chuck and sleep
Dont forget that you HAVE CLASS TOMORROW SAYANG!

okay okay im gonna go now = ="


Izyan Hanis said...

haha.. betul2... dobby sgt cute!!
sedih la jugak time die nak mati uh, tapi xlah sampai nanes. :)

and yup2. british accent mmg besh! suke. suke. suke. :)

teringin nak ckp english mcm diorg. haha

Anonymous said...

jom practice british accent..
sngt stylo..
sume terbelit lidah nnt nk bg bunyik gak british tuh..

Puteri Sepi said...

ko tulis HP, aku dok sebut "Hire-Purchase"...
muahahaha... dah terbiasa. ;)

Farahh Arshad said...

KAK.. hp best x? teringin gak nk tgok.
since semlm cm rmai giler pegi tgok
teringin jugak rsenye
tp maybe next tyme
kt green plaza eh??

nur hanina said...

hhaha kann iezyyy tak puas hatinyee die mati T.T
tpi kite tak reti cakap nak belajar!

hehe echah kite kene blaja ckp arab laa bukan british! hhehee

haha aku pulak tak faham syiqa higher purchase tu apa hahaha

klau org gile HP ckp best la
akak rase biase je :P
siap ngntuk lagi
hehe pegi la tgk! tgk wyg green plaza la sbb carrefour ngn st stef tak best hehe