Sunday, November 28, 2010


You know, sometimes when i think about it, i got pretty fucked up.
Yes, I always wonder what the heck am i doing here,
I know, im getting used to this kind of life,
But sometimes when i think about it, it got ugly.
I ended up being emotional all day long and the mood to study, hmph, GONE!
But come to think about it, its better to sacrifice right now than later.
Then i started to think about all other people that desperately want to come here, but not everyone gets the chance.
I should be grateful though i have to lose half my life plus some friends. erk many friends. = ="

Winter holiday is coming
Everyone has started planning where to go.
I want to go to Turki. It costs me not as much as going to other places.
Yes some of them even asked whether i want to join them
Some wants to go to switzerland? some Australia? Some chezch? Rome? blah blah
But sorry guys, i just dont like the idea of spending a lot of money for holiday but suffer afterwards
Plus, i dont have that much money in my bank account.
especially when i spent thousands in malaysia last summer holiday.
But IF turki still doesnt call me, in these few weeks,
I may think about joining their trips
The one that doesnt cost me much money.
Or last choice, im gonna go home . MALAYSIA
I dont want to spend my holiday here please no :(

Oh i curse this teeth that's about to grow
It gave me headache, fever, ache, all kind of nasty sickness that i can possibly feel,
And this started during the 2 hours anatomy and histology lectures just now.
With an empty stomach and the heavy lectures. Yes the professor said the anatomy lecture was supposed to be a two hours lecture not an hour :(
and it still hurts right now, while im typing T.T
take this pain away please i cant stand this anymore = ="


Izyan Hanis said...

eh. same la.
kami pun mahu pegi ke turki
mahu join??

nur hanina said...

yekee iezy
g ngn sape?
kite um tengah tunggu call dari turki
tapi takut lambat sangat la nak kena plan kan :(
tak tahu mcm mana

Nadirah said...

asal gigi lambat tumbuh?

nur hanina said...

alaa nad kan ada gigi tumbuh lambat tu
haha. lps tumbuh tak tinggi dah = =