Wednesday, November 17, 2010

raya holiday

the dinner
24 hours free drinks bar :D

our rooms

ookay since i already have some of the pictures of Sharm el sheikh
I guess im going to update since im in no mood to study

im currently in a not-holding-the-book-until-holiday-is-over mode
anyone in?

Okay okay so we went there by bus in the morning
2 am and we spent 12 bloody hours on the bus.
The longest journey ive ever had
and it was exhausting. T.T

so so we arrived at 2. spent the day at the hotel.
and went shopping at night.
all the stuff there are BLOOOOODY EXPENSIVE
Even the Big Mac costs 27 genih instead of 15!

And then the next day we went snorkelling at some island i dont remember the name
it was breathtakingly beautiful
all the colourful fishes.
MasyaAllah :)
We had fun. we really did.

And then the next day we went on a glass boat
Ni macam ok jelah best tu best jugak but not as exciting as the day before.
Hehee sebab sekejap kut?
tapi memang time ni serius lah banyak gila nampak ikann udang segala jadah
ikan pari ikan couple ikan butterfly you name it
everyone was hoping to see sharks but they were nowhere to be found
*mengangis hentak hentak kaki

Okay fun fact about ikan butterfly.
Dia selalu jalan jalan in group. but when one of them die, they will all together commit suicide by getting into the deep ocean and let the pressure kill them
So sweeeeeet
not the lets-kill-ourselves part, the loyalty part.

at night we watched belly dance
it was, boring
i slept during the show.
I thought the guys would be excited
they were excited before the show
but after the show i could hear them complaining too much about how boring it was.

and the next day we went to something called safari
so at first i thought i was gonna watch animals in the zoo.
i didnt know that safari here is wayyy different than the safari in malaysia. LOL
I drove the atv or buggy or whatever
it was epic!
We raced in the middle of the dessert.
Hell, it was fun , unexplainably fun
You could see our eyelashes and hairs went white because of the dusts. lol

okay so the 4 days were over
we went home
and the boring life starts again T.T


MFS said...

macam pernah ku lihat pemandangan ini..tapi di mana ya? haha :D

silah said...

nina,. gamba naik motor tu cool lah. tpi ak maybe amek gamba dr album sam letak kat blog ak.

maybe amek jugak gamba dr album kau masuk blog aku tau.

nak amek link blog kau letak kat blog ak jugak tau. hee

Izyan Hanis said...

okeyh. sgt jeles. :(

btw, kullu sanah wa enti bikhaer.

nur hanina said...

ahaha pernah ke?
dalam mimpi kut! haha

hahaa bole boleh boleh silaa lah asilah
nnt gmba yg aku beli tu kite wat copy ek hehe

alaa tgk blog iezy pun best jugak raya :(
banyak je makan tgk :((
kullu sanah waenta toyyib jugak iezy :)