Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tolong faham

Kadang kadang aku tak faham
satu tempat yang sepatutnya buat aku bahagia, sepatutnya buat aku gembira,
Jadi satu tempat yang paling selalu buat aku sakit hati
selalu buat aku rasa bodoh, teruk, jahat, tak diperlukan.

Aku tahu aku jahat, aku tahu aku ni tak baik, aku tahu.
Aku tahu semua. Aku tahu aku banyak buat salah,, annoying in a way, i curse a lot? I talk a lot? Im selfish? never think about others?
Nak kata aku mengada? gedik? bajet? Nahhhhh!
Say every bad words that you know right on my face.
But just so you know, i already know. So you dont need to remind me over and over again

But dont you understand that i came from nowhere you came from
Its not that easy to change the way you live for 10 years in just a year or a month or a day.
Just imagine you in my situation
Just put yourself in my shoes
You should know that im trying so hard to figure out what am i supposed to do,
what am i supposed to change where to start ? what should i do?
By myself, with no one that i think can offer a hand and help. Just me and only me.
Im being independent enough to figure this shit out.

So stop! stop making my life miserable
Stop making me feel bad
What i feel about myself right now is bad enough.
At least please dont make me feel like im an outsider,
Because currently i feel like i dont belong anywhere.
You feel me?
Thank you.


Izyan Hanis said...

yes. i do understand you.

rase sgt2 inferior ble kite berhadapan dgn seseorg yg kite rase kan baek.

and yes. its hard to change our not-so-good-lifestyle in order to be fixed in theirs.

but in the end, i figure out that i shud just being me and stay holding faith to what's i've been believe in. :)

tapi, hidup ni bukan tentang kita je kan?

adooiii... dilemma. aha. :)

nur hanina said...

tu lah pasal
lagi lagi entah rasa macam bila diorang pandang tu rasa kita mcm teruk gila :(

kadang2 nak ignore je, tapi entah ar. huhu.. thats why lah im still trying to figure out :(

Anonymous said...

nina jgn sedih2.kita satu umah kan sama2.hehe=nek

nur hanina said...

hehe oke nenek tak sedih dah ni :D