Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sharm El Sheikh wee

Stunning, breathtakingly beautiful and everything right? :O

Oh yeah officially am going to sharm el sheikh on friday 2am.
God, its gonna be a long, tiring, boring, hectic, bla blahh journey.
But im looking forward to it :)

Im just not sure why everyone is so eager to go to other countries for holiday,
UK, Rome, Greece, Turki, Paris, Italy you name it.
Neehhh its cool to go, i know its gonna be fun but i think theres too much places here in Egypt that i want to explore first.
And yes i wanna go to those places too, but wait until my money is wayyyyy toooo muchie.
Dont want to go there but eat maggi everyday or complaining about not having enough money all the time = ="

p/s: oh my previous post was not-so-obviously dedicated to almost everyone. not to that particular person or whateves. :)
If its harsh then im sorry i didnt mean it :D
If you thought its for you, then im sorry too because like i said, it was never meant for only you
seriously T.T
okay now i feel like crying

Sorry and have a nice dayy yaw! :)


Izyan Hanis said...

jeles. jeles. jeles...

xsempat bagi name.

nur hanina said...

alaa tu lahh :(
tape tahun dpn mesti uni buat trip lagi
bagi nama cepat2! hehe