Wednesday, November 3, 2010

you are magic :)

Since i watched Mr Brain, the jdrama that Kakni gave me,
i wanted to know more about brain as in studying about it

Now that im studying CNS, i learn a lot more about it.
It is awesome.
Quoting the physiology lecturer saying,
"Think about it, your whole body is magic"

It is amazing how the impulse is transmitted to the brain in just a few milliseconds.
Its like, you dont even have time to even realize that your body is acting towards the stimulus,
anything you see or hear or watch

and even when you close your eyes,
you still know the position of your hands, what is it that you hold.
Come to think about it, it is magic
The real magic that Allah gave us
Miracles. We are miracles.

Im sharing one of the things that i learned that i think is awesome.

Phantom limb.

When a person's leg is amputated, and he does not know about it,
he will wake up and feel pain at his foot which is already gone due to some pressure on the nerve etc,
Doctors from 10 or 20 years ago would assume that this patient is crazy,
Of course how can you feel pain at something that is not there?

But when the patient finally realize that his foot is already gone,
the pain will also go away as the brain receives the message that the foot is not there anymore
and the nerve which supply this part will combine to other nerve making the other nerve more sensitive to its stimuli

Thats why we hear people say a blind person hears better.
Now i understand why :)

Be thankful for what we have
MashaAllah :D


silah said...

Wweyhh ak pun suke pasal amputation tu weyh.. interesting gila!

karakoza said...

It's somewhat amusing how the word 'medic' and 'magic' kinda rhymes with each other :)

So the next time someone ask you what course are you taking, just answer I'm learning magic :D

iezy said...

yup. totally agree that our body's a magic..

that prof really inspire me to study CNS.

remember. to study, u have to love them. and im totally in love..


nur hanina said...

kannn? aku pun cm excited gila tahu time die sebut tu :P

yes yes you are right. a good idea. im currently studying magic :)

betul btul cara dia ajar best kan
im in love with brain too :)
not like before
kurang excited bila belajar. haha