Thursday, January 13, 2011

being unfriendly.

here goes

"Dia cakap dia takut nak tengok muka nina.
sbb dia ckp muka nina garang macam nak makan dia "

never talked to her before. never even came into contact with,
and already gave me such impression eh?

hee im getting used to that kind of complaint comment

oh what about my classmates? we've been in the same class for months but i dont even know their names? talk to them? lagilah tak = ="

i thought i had mentioned a few times already that i do not know how to start a friendship, or make a new friend to be exact
and believe me, when the friendship starts to bloom,
i won't shut up. true story

someone told me yesterdaay
and Suha went

"kenal nina pun kat ksp sbb tengok antm. dulu kan nina asyik duduk sorang je tengok big bang theory sorang sorang"

thanks to The Big Bang Theory for being my 'friend' the first few weeks i was i KSP when i had no one to talk to :P

ok kenapa sekarang baru macam The Big Bang Theory tiba tiba baru nak famous kat sini?
Dah setahun stop tengok they made me feel like watching the show again.
Ok start download! ngee~

to my classmates who happen to read this, hehe macam ada je?
Know that im sorry for the unfriendly attitute.
I just dont know how to suddenly go and say hye :(
maybe we'll be good after a few months lagi ke :P


p/s: internet sangat masyuk. setengah jam dah habis download one ep. ngee~


karakoza said...

fuuuu- and I'm stuck with this slow Etisalat broadband -__-

don't worry about the unfriendly part, cos you've already proven to be friendly here in the blogosphere lol

nur hanina said...

then buy a vodafone lah :P
haha thank you dude!
its kind of relieving to hear that :P

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