Friday, January 7, 2011

very long, indeed

I sent two posts before but i deleted it
Why? I forgot about my promise to stop sending emotional stuff.
Life is good. Enjoy it as much as you can
*menari riang.

But then as i deleted it, i realized that to be happy or not to be happy regarding a certain matter is solely up to me.
Even if i chose to go down, crying, hentak my kaki and my kepala on the wall, Stop concentrating on my study nothing is ever going to change the fact. that fact.

the fact that he already knows and i never expected this to happen. I was shocked and i am deeply happy embarrassed :(

So instead of being insane, i chose to be happy. euphoria. Bring my serotonin to a higher level.
Hehe so here i am, with a not-so-emotional post, i think. kekeke.
*argh now im addicted to this laugh pulak! gaga nak letak mana? -.-"
*apesal lah aku suka terkeluar gelak pelik pelik? = ="

Im holding tight onto Barney's quote, which i stated soooo many times in my previous posts,

Whenever I get sad, i stop being sad and be awesome instead. True story

And yes, I did it again! i stopped being sad and be awesome. What up!

Because i have been craving for burger malaysia for a very long time.

Oh yes i forgot to inform you a very important thing, indeed
I have activated deactivated my facebook for like, uhm, a few days already
For the first time i pause from social website after living with it almost every single day for, um 8 years already?
yeah i started this thing when i was in form 1. friendster, if im not mistaken = ="
And im getting used to living without it now. huyeah!
Aaah lah lepas tu active update blog pulak what's the difference aiyoh?
Still, I didnt know i am this awe-wait for it-some!

And i realized that my blog doesnt bring any benefit to anyone reading -___-" *muka penyek panjang sikit.
Though i still wonder is there even anyone reading = ="
so im just going to put some informations i learned :D wewe

1) The venteromedial part of your thalamus controls your satiety and placcidity and the lateral one controls your hunger and your rage.
So seriously, if you really want to become thin, destroy your lateral portion of your thalamus
*gaha jangan ikut do nanti aku kena saman.
But then if your amygdala eh? broken, you will suffer for omniphagia, a state where you cant control what you eat, so you will eat every single thing. kayu, laptop, pasir, buku segala jadah.

2) The outer part of your ear is supplied by vagus nerve, which also controls the parasympathetic action- actions during your relax-state.
So when you hit one's both ears at the same time, you will stimulate the vagus nerve which will lead to cardiac arrest due to severe bradycardia which leads to DEATH.
*yes medic do teach you new ways to kill people, eh?

3. There's one kind of depression my professor told us about. The one that occur without any reason. Sometimes the patient cant overcome the stress and end up killing everyone around, the family or anyone before killing himself. sounds familiar?

4. i always wondered why everytime i went outside during sunny day to take letters from the mailbox and then when i go inside back, everything becomes shiny. haha i learned why. Something to do with rods and cones recep inside the eye. cooL

exam final punya fever. mari!

P/s: Sangat amat geli tengok orang tangkap gambar gay. no offense, brother.

and oh, i miss them like this much *lebarkan tangan selebar lebarnyaa.


amiYo said...

erkk..burger itu... -.-

Nadirah said...

Whenever I get sad, i stop being sad and be awesome instead. True story

nur hanina said...

hehee segalanyaa mungkin di sini :P

kannn? cool gila sanga suka quote itu :)

Pa'an said...

owh come on nina...kalu dier tau pon apa masalahnyer..kan menyenangkan lagi kerja..=)

nur hanina said...

buat apa
dia dah ada gf dah pun haha
baru siap \
budak batch nina lagi haha:P