Thursday, January 27, 2011

exam vs holiday

Well as you know, i have deactivated my facebook and i planned on activating it back after the exam.

So when i got back from exam just know, i opened my facebook
Succeeded on entering the home page and by the time i clicked profile

Loading... (with that annoying non-stop moving circle)

I found out facebook has been blocked here in Egypt

Are you bloody kidding me?!

At least let me post a new status before blocking it.!

ergh your rusuhan has nothing to do with me don't drag me into this mess.

Don't you dare block blogger, meshiiii!

aah so the burden of having to study all the time since the last 30++ days is over. for now, at least

A month without class is heaven only if is a holiday, study leave is not enjoyable at all.
Cool kan study leave sebulan. Lama gila. adoy.
Found myself being messy and serabut and eat a lot and and. there's a lot of and-s here = ="

Oh so my plans for this holiday

1) watch movies! ngee

2) qada' tido. hehe

3) oh yeah im going out . awayyyy from egypt for a few days. :D
where to?
it's a secret i won't tell. ngee padahal semua orang dah tahu. lol

Bought a new blazer from H&M! i have always wanted one! ngee :)
p/s: amie, apekah?

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Alif Pauzi said...

Salam Nur Hanina, I've been following the news of Egypt for quite a while and recently heard about you from your brother, Hafiz. It's good to hear you're safe. I have a few friends at Alexendria and Al-Azhar too, just hope they are allright.

Best regards and take care.