Wednesday, May 4, 2011

moving on

I don't know whether i was high under the effect of high dose of caffeine or what,
but not being able to sleep last night, made me think a lot about the old times.

so i sent a message to aina
and im-ed ban

when i say we were really close, trust me, we were, indeed.
just imagine we've been in the same circle of friends since primary school.
some from kindergarten, and ended up in the same secondary,same class or from kelas sebelah for years, stucked together and live near each other too. same faces everyday

now you understand why i don't know how to mix in a new group of hamosapiens(!)

i moved on. ze friends here rock big time too. its just that ive been with them for so long that its not easy to forget and accept that everyone has a new life now.

but as the saying goes, new friends are gold, old friends are silver. what i know for sure is, all of them are way beyond awesome :)


MofarRahman said...

sedih. dan terharu. senyum selalu :)

nur hanina said...

hehe kena senyum ni :D ngee

nur hanina said...

hehe kena senyum ni :D ngee