Saturday, May 28, 2011

doa. syukur

So they organized an MRU yesterday,
it was fun lah to get along and everything
although only 3 members of our sc came :O
bagus la semua habis cepat.

and you know
one of the seniors said this, one of the hardest thing to deal with here is about feelings,
and even the pressure of studying cant beat that one :O
and i was like , so truee :O

but today when i come to think about it,
when i keep thinking and being depressed about anything that involved feelings,
i feel ashamed :(
Ashamed because our brothers and sisters in Palestine are dealing with even bigger and bigger problems.

while im thinking about forgetting, they're thinking about how to survive, how to keep on living without food and medications.
while im thinking about how tense i feel staring at the book all day long, they're thinking about how to they protect their country. how to protect their families when the stupid israels attack
while im thinking about how bad my heart hurts because of someone that i shouldnt even think about :O, they're crying so badly because their families are killed in front of their own two eyes. :(

i pray for myself for the family and friends but i keep forgetting to pray for them
its a reminder for me lah really ;(
but sometimes i know should be thankful with what i have, because other people are suffering more.
and comparing the thing that i thought is killing me to the things that are literally killing them
its nothing lah. not even a bit compared to what theyre going though
they survive, so heck for sure, no doubt i can :D

forget about that stupid problem lah its not even a problem. its not something to think about in the very first place because its wrong = =

p/s: sekarang result keluar module module. takut nanti belajar sebab nak result best :O. '
niat tak betul tu
tetapkan hati result belakang cerita kan kan.

*tazkirah teng ni haa :P

ok da boi.

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