Thursday, May 19, 2011


So yesterday we had our batch dinner aka, the splendiferous night.
it was nice it went smooth. it was fun lah, kut.
its nice to have events like this sometimes
but you know, sometimes i cant put my whole heart into something, and yesterday wasn't really my day.

but im one of the award receivers *
wink wink
but i feel like a loser going on the stage since my result drop like heck last sem ;(
but it doesnt matter lah.
;( *doesnt matter pun nak buat muka sedih gak. haha
but not everything depends on our result lah so really, it doesnt matter :)
the effort is more importanteee. (baru sedar semue ada but :P)

it feels like back when i was in high school except this time i wasn't wearing school uniform no more :)
and tolonglah sedar zaman high school dah berakhir and lets live in reality
now i have to compete with the best among the best and yeah its kind of exhausting really(!)
sampai result pun drop, padan muka :(

btw everyone was soooo stylish and all.
the girls were so gorgeous in so many styles of tudung
and the guys were, hot in their tuxedos and suits and baju melayu(!)
very hot indeed. LMAO

and yeah i started to see the faces of my batch since i really do not know most of them, really
especially the guys lah
and we went " weh sape tu? apesal tak penah nampak" most of the times.

and the nasyid leader's *you-know-who voice was aweeeeeeeeeeesome that my bulu roma kind of meremang for a while there.



lets do this again sometimeeeee :) lol ok thats it b

p/s: himym chuck glee season ni dah habis nak tengok apa lepas ni ;(

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