Tuesday, May 3, 2011

There's so many things that i want you to know
So you understand how i feel
what im going through
and how hard I'm struggling with myself.
But i can't.

And it's going to be awkward if you know,
Because we're different.
In so many ways.
How we handle things, How deep we feel about something,
How sensitive i am with what's happening, some things that i take very seriously, and others don't,
Perhaps i overthink sometimes,
I think too much about everything
I think too much about what's going to happen,
how am i going to face things that's going to happen

and i have to say that it sucks
It's not fair you know.
Why am i the only only one who takes thing very seriously? who thinks and feels and wonders too much?

it's complicated. and i can't find a way to solve this.


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