Thursday, December 16, 2010


then how come i still feel that 86 400 seconds per day is still not enough?

I am trying to make myself happy, full, occupied.
Somehow there are so many mountains that get in my way
and i cant seem to be able to climb those mountains
*yes im using the metaphor used by our friend last wednesday. thanks anyway for the great talk. or something like that.

sometimes i feel okay
most of the time i feel suck.
and i hate this feeling.

today Dec 16th 2010,
i feel down, i feel bad about myself, i feel so fucked up.
Im trying to get this bullshit things or feelings out of my mind and my heart.
yes, i am bloody emotional at times.
but it's normal, right?
its gonna go away, later.

Now, im gonna go calm myself down :(


Izyan Hanis said...

yup. betul
ckap wan amirul uh really inspiring kan..?? :)

sectionmate kite uh, haha..

cheer up nina. have faith in ur self.


nur hanina said...

suka dia cakap
ok hopefully dia tak baca!
hee oke iezy ill try thanks!