Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Ok the debate competition ended just now.
And i suck, big time.
But its okay i liked it :D

Im not that good, as other people are.
I just love the challenge, love the talk
Thats why i entered this competition knowing that there are going too many awesome people who have much more experience

i was so freaking nervous before the competition and after my maghrib prayer i became okay
but then i started freaking out again, i was shaking when everyone started attacking me about the definition! = =
and all my words became berserabut, i forgot my points and everything.
i even hentak the meja before i went
"ops, sorry sorry lupa pulak tak boleh = = "

My teammate, chong kind of saved the day.
he defended our motion, rebutt the case and everything.

Hee if i say i didnt want to win id be lying
who doesnt want to win right?
But deep inside, i also want to lose!

Because of this debate, i havent revise yesterday's lectures yet
i only touched to book for a few minutes before i blacked out :P

it kind of freaked me out seeing other people in this house study while i keep on practicing !
and i so dont want to enter the semi!
another stressfulness that will make me go half insane!
and another week of not-holding-the-book
H-E-L-L-O! another 20 days before your final lah weh!

anyway thanks teammate,
thanks wani. :P hehe

thanks chong jugak , and congrats do best speaker kau memang mantap!
kalau kau group lain mesti menang so sorry do! haha.

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