Thursday, December 2, 2010

i want these things T.T


Swatch. not necessarily this design. but this one is kind of nice :)

The top two things on my must-buy list
Both i can live without but still, i want them so much
the problem is i dont think my scholar money is meant for these things.
i want a swatch! i want a dslr. :(


karakoza said...

My friend uses his scholar money to buy a PS3 and an Xbox360, along with the games (plus the shipping payment too). I'm not implying anything here, but I think a luxury or two once in while couldn't hurt you.

nur hanina said...

Yes i really need that kind of advices right now!
Because i so deadly want to spend my money on those stuff but i dont know, maybe i am that stingy? = ="
ill think about it :P

AuLiA said...

beli beli beli beli beli beli beli beli~~

Izyan Hanis said...

everybody has 'i-want-this-list'
tapi masalahnya..
smuanya x cukup DUET!!!


nur hanina said...

beli beli beli bak duit la :PP

agak ah iezy kalau b anyak duit dah lama kut beli! haha

Tintaroo said...

Bd hadiah list ke ni?

nur hanina said...

oh tadela list hadiah
tapi kalau nak bagi boleh jugak
gagaga :P