Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Polar Bear.

Winter has changed me
From a normal human being. to a polar bear.
Not that im saying im getting fatter *heck no! although this statement is kind of true = =" T.T.

Its just that, i hibernate. just like them :)
yes, that kind of way

When I was younger I used to say,
"study overseas?. they get to play with snow thats sooooooooo cool!"
something like that.
although there is no snow here, except for that two days
but it's still winter.

now come to think about it
what the hell was i thinking?
cool kepala hotak.
Weather in malaysia is the bestesttttttttttttttttttt among the best
now i miss malaysia
I hate winter T.T
its effing cold and i cant do nothinggg. Please end now. and summer don't come
You're effing hot
why cant you have a normal temperature, eh, egypt?! -.-"


AuLiA said...

baru rase cane rasenye winter. humph.

Izyan Hanis said...

same wif here!

nur hanina said...

hahaa tahun ni je yg macam extra terseksa sebelum ni oke je

sedihh kan iezyy :(