Friday, December 17, 2010


location : STA tuition center
Time : About 3 years ago.

i was busy doing add math when i heard F , N, and H, my non-muslim friends were discussing about something and then i heard one of them said; "Go ask nina lah"

and i was like "yeah. what is it?"

H: Um, we were just wondering, you muslim need to wear tudung right. its a must kan. then why are there so many people who arent wearing tudung?

Me : erk, um... i dont know. its just something that we have to do its sort of wajib but they choose not to do it = ="

F : Oh means that its wrong not to do it lah?

Me : yeah right.

N : But why people eh, during puasa only they wear tudung

Me : Idk. i guess they just want to respect this holy month?

N : I have a friend kan, before puasa she wears tudung but during puasa she doesnt wear tudung anymore

H : Haha its supposed to be the other way round kan? haha terbalik pulak.

Okay i just remembered this conversation i had a few years back. Happening during ramadhan.
Well i know i gave such a bad answer. but i wasnt ready, i wasnt given time to think, and i was just not that knowledgeable = =

But come to think about it, i thought they already know
it was surprising that they actually wondered about this thing.

well if i ever meet you again guys, im gonna give you a different answer
way better answers!

i miss them :(


she's an extrovert said...

so nina, if i ask u the same questions, how would u answer it? in fact, i, maybe become speechless if somebody asks me tht question.

how wonderful it would be if all the muslim women wear the scarf...

nur hanina said...

haha i almost went blank lah
its just an answer that any normal people without extra knowledge would give!

silah said...

"i wasnt given time to think, and i was just not that knowledgeable = ="

at least jwpn kau tu cool jek

tp lepas kite satu bilik ngan hafsah, kau punye ilmu agama ade bertambah sikit kan kan?? :)