Wednesday, March 9, 2011


so yes because of rm500 i woke up at 6 and got ready to go too shah alamm for the selangor thing.
i already met so many people at the KTM who also want the money $$
by car, putra, ktm and taxi finally we arrived at de palma along with momo and some other friends :D

bell yana and yus :)

nina hani bell :D

with iezy :)

The hall was heck, full.
luckily yes we were very lucky indeed suddenly erah was like
"ninaa! come sit dengan aku i got two empty places"
nice :) we don't have to berdiri outside, and they served us some food :)

with erah :

and the kakak umno said something like
"mintak maaf tempat tak cukup, kami tak sangka ramai macam ni datang. terima kasih sebab datang"

and we were like "dude come on, of course theres so many people here who doesnt want money ??$$$!!"

after a long ceramah which we didnt get to listen because the hall was so full and i had many more important things to do,finally they called out the names

i didn't expect them to call out my name since i just admitted the borang and kuala lumpur is written on my ic although really, im a selangorian but no, i was one of the earliest who got the money

perhaps this is all because i called her the day before to confirm whether im a selangorian.
but then she asked for my infos and everything,, and thats why i was on the list. :) alhamdulillah :D

my other mates waited patiently and hopelessly because even until 6 pm, they still didnt call out their names :(

but they asked them to write their names and perhaps they will give the money later.

they were being extremely patient and by the look on their faces, i knew they wanted to explode real bad .

it was raining, i was sleepy, tired, malas, got no mood, we took a cab to ktm.
we waited for a long time but there was no cab and when we finally had one, the driver didn't know the location of KTM

i didnt want to get out from the cab even when he said he doesnt know where the KTM station is
finally i took out my phone, and opened the GPS

yes, a taxi driver used my GPS to get to the station.
i guess having a gps on the phone wasnt a bad idea really :)


Anonymous said...

pic 2nd last sume2 nmpk frust..

silah said...

hahahahhaha :D

silah said...

hahahahhaha :D

nur hanina said...

tunggu berejamm woo las las tak dpt ape
haha memang dorg tension habis

Izyan Hanis said...

boleh x, baru pasan post ni..

haii. xmo pegi mintak lagi laa.
kesian kat sape2 yg g kelana jaya utk claim duet tuh lagi sebab mmg xdpt.

p.s; kite slalu gne gps phone. :) and it's not bad!!