Tuesday, March 15, 2011


i really can't stand people using

titew sukew lew

the f?

i mean cant you type properly?

its kita suka lah not titew or whatever it is that you write

i mean if you use aq instead of aku, i mean if only aq is changed then its fine lah
but please dont change the whole sentence with that kind of spelling.

it's not cute at all

do you realize that most people are annoyed with that kind of spelling?
think twice and thrice. use proper words and spelling.
bahasa melayu is nice.* yes it is indeed although im currently writing this entry in english
it depends on my mood really and also depends on the words that are circulating in my head.
that explains why my blog is so rojak with some english and some malay posts = =


its kind of depressing how my money disappears, not literally of course, in just a few days.

it started with the luggage that i bought.
just because the old one rosak, i was forced to buy a new one
after a few hours pusing pusing around mid valley
we almost gave up and thats when we found the luggages punya tempat.
heck i wanted to buy the ELLE one but, rm999.00.?
im not that kaya and crazy to buy a cabin luggage that expensive
even when its 50% off . still rm 500 = =

i wanted to buy the corak corak one but i couldnt find it. not even one. ok now you can cry nina.

i still don't understand what makes this luggage blooooooooooooooody expensive T.T

i ended up buying a half priced bag . rm 420 before discount. luckily i didnt buy those overpriced bags or i wont have enough money to buy,

1) a brand new spectacle. getting sick of the old one = =" calar calar already -.-"
oh rm400 (my budget for the new spec) will be gone tomorrow T.T
2) food stuff imma bring there. santans kicaps bihuns and everything.
3) baju kurunggg baju kurunggg. wearing baju kurung to class in damn comfy im telling you. :D
4) planning on going to sunway . tak tahu sempat tak. please sempat or else imma cry sebab gian nak main roller coaster T.T
5) perhaps some new blouses :)

i thought having my own money is gonna be fun. but it isn't. ain't fun at all :(


nursyahera bahtiar said...

hebat la nina! cabin luggage nak pierre cardin. kalau kargo punya aku boleh terima pakai la. haha

nur hanina said...

mana ada syera. tu je antara yg paling murah/bagus nak buat mcm mana
karng rosak lagi cm hari tu kena beli lagi pokai la aku haha

AuLiA said...

agak la. ase cam nak band gila2 orang yang tules

"kowank-kowank sumew, kitew da nak titow da"

ase cam..... =__="

semoga selamat sampai ke Alex. insyaAllah.

silah said...

bapak dewa mahal kau punya beg wehhh

nur hanina said...

kann weh haha macam apee jebajet cute = = tension gile

thank you :D wewewe

silah mana ada doo T.T mmg semua beg harga mcm tu lah aku tgk. itu la yg mcm murah pun

diyanna said...

same goes on me. haha annoying gila tgk org yg guna 'titew2 nih' -_-"

ainaa said...

nina..spec beli kat egypt murah ckit
kita boleh dpt spec branded murah kat egypt,msia mahal sngt la.
even yg x de brand dah 400,300..= =''

nur hanina said...

kan kann panas hati je tgk oh hehe

ala tapi kite tgk dorg beli spec kat egypt frame cm tak keras je T.T
tak pun die punye lens. adoy

Anonymous said...

titew same lew nina..titew pun tak sukew taw org tulis gtew..

btw..mhalnyew beg ..

pikah said...

aku punya murah nina. kau beli spek brand ape mahal sgt tu?? swatch?

nur hanina said...

haha titew pun tak sukew jugewww
menyampah lewww macam boyan. LOL

= = tak mahal tu before diskaunn tuu

pika aku baru beli tadi baru aku sedar
haha swatch aku simpan ni aku beli lain frame die tade ah mahal sangat rupenye campur lens die baru mahal T.T