Sunday, March 27, 2011


So class has started.
I dont know whether i should feel excited or sad.
Im worried about everything
mostly worried about the result thats comin' out
and worried that im not capable of remembering everything

haish. but yesterday's class was fun. it was epic.
Thanks for Dr Ayman because he always makes the class exciting and interesting that i cant wait to go home and study back everything. Yes, only with him and some other lecturers.

aaaah! it sucks when you try to figure out everything but it just doesn't work
Stop thinking too much, brain and heart! ( i know that heart doesn't think but in this case, screw the facts)

Go go nina. forget all those bitches in you that are trying to rip you off.
Nice. I know they're going away.



Izyan Hanis said...

sape 'bitches' tuh?

nur hanina said...

bitches tuuu the dark side of nina.
hahaha kite la bitches tu :P

Izyan Hanis said...

kite pun nak bertarung jugak laa dgn bitches of me?


MofarRahman said...

everything gonna be okay. insyaAllah.