Thursday, March 10, 2011

grow up, dude!

Duit, masa, kawan

You know, most people including me need to study all the things that were learned earlier on the same day.
because im not as clever as other people and i need to work for it.

so usually when the guys go out that night, unplanned, i didnt go along because you know why lah.
it doesnt matter its my choice really but it sucks when people say

"die tu belajar sampai keluar pun taknak"


"dia mana pernah nak join kitorang"

and the words spread to other peoplee.

its like they're saying im a freak who doesnt have a life, who doesnt even want to enjoy and everything
but dude, come one. if you tell me earlier that you want to go out that night, i'd study in the evening so i can go out with you guyss that night
i'd loveeee to! I love to hang out!

and second, money.
some of my friends use a lot of their money to say,buy bags, bajus, expensive gadjets.
it doesnt really matter lah because its their money so do whatever they want .
but they should not condemn me when i dont think the same way they do.

its not like i refuse to use my money on important things,
if i wanna eat something, i would.
i dont starve myself just because i wanna save. no
if i need a shoe or a baju, i'd buy them.
i just dont like spending too much money on things i don't really need

but it sucks when i explained
"aku taknak la habiskan duit aku nanti takut ada emergency ke ape?"

and they went
"emergency apenye? tak adanye"

or when i heard something like " aku tak suka orang yang saving sangat tension"

i mean its my choice really can you please at least respect it?
we never know whats gonna happen.

and come on, it did happen kan?
the riot happened kan??
we had to book a flight ticket home kannn?
itu bukan emergency kee??

luckily because of my precautions that you guys condemned, complained, made fun of,
i could use my very own savings to buy my flight ticket to malaysia without having to depend on anyone!



ibah said...

terbaik :))

pikah said...

nina...jgn la marah kat aku...dan aku pon nk jimat lps ni, lps grade aku nk beli kereta!!! :D

silah said...

totally agree!

siti hanisah said...

setuju! kita kena jimat duit jimat masa. huhu

nur hanina said...

huhu sorry la pika kalau kau trase tapi kau kena memahami lah lepas ni ek :P

yang agree ni semua mesti saving jugak :P lg lg asilah!

pikah said...

tp kan nina jgn sbb ni kau tanak pindah eyh?!!! :D

ainaa said...