Sunday, March 13, 2011


So yesterday i went to Mid Valley to find some stuff and there i met an old friend.
we were in the same clas in primary school.
its kind of fun since i have very few primary school friend that i still keep in touch with,
or i still call friends?


Maybe because I don't see them as old friends.
Maybe because I hate who I was.

I had no self confident. I didnt know how to speak out loud

I followed people around.
And i didnt stand up for myself.
people could easily make fun of me.
And they did not so good things to me, i kept quiet i accepted what they did although i was burning inside = =

I was never a part of them. I didnt know where i belong

Even some with whom i used to spend a lot of time with in high school with, those i called friends,
you know if i meet them now even, we won't talk. we will pretend like we never knew each other.

some of them even changed a lot, some changed for better, and some, the other way round

and surprisingly there are some who i wasnt so close with but i do treasure them as my old friends

Very few. very very few. And thats why i hate my primary school and i don't really treasure the memories. i dont think there are many good memories that i can treasure pun.

But heck, without them i'll live anyway and plus there are still a few that i still keep in touch with and thank you for being my primary school friends that i can still call friends :)


AuLiA said...

betul. kekadang, kita berasa janggal sebab tak pernah rapat pun sebelum ni, tapi mcm dah rapat 10 tahun. rasa macam wewewewewewe~~

ainaa said...

nina, sama cam kita.
x byk memori during my primary school
pun, sometimes rasa sedih bila dgr cite zaman sekolah rendah org lain..huhu. cam fun je.
skolah menengah much better. :)

ainaa said...
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nur hanina said...

betul betul kadang kadang mcm tu
kadang kadang dgn yg rapatpulak rase pelik adoy

kann ainaa kite jarang cite cite pasal skolah rendah
kalauboleh taknak igt pun
tak best langsung sakit hati je :(

silah said...

nina, kita berbeza, aku suke zaman skolah rendah sebab masa tu aku rapat gak dgn lelaki haha teruk betul bagi alasan ni :p, tapi dah msuk sekolah menengah aku da menjauhkan diri dri budk laki. tak tahu ni bagus ke tak, tapi semua org ada lain2 pengalaman.


nur hanina said...

haha kau terbalik ngn aku pulak asilah
skola rendah la aku mcm tak kawan sgt skola menengah plak best
maybe sebab kau masuk asrama kut~! hehe

siti hanisah said...

masa sekolah ren kte budak nerd
so xbest! haha sekolah menengah best!

nur hanina said...

aah aah skola rendah skema je
tak berani buat benda bodoh bodoh
tak cool langsung
yg best sikit time skola rendah kite gangster! wee