Thursday, March 24, 2011

oh enough already

so everyone's been asking

sup with your house. yo what's up bro. sup?

well nothing's up. nothing is up im sayin'
its just that we simply wanna move.

"you wanna move?? oh dear why? whyy?"

its nothing personal really. its just some internal conflict thats been happening for a while now no no. i wish i could say that but no. its just that this house is freaking small. and i just wanna feel comfy dude. is that wrong?????? is wanting to feel comfy wrongg?

but there's no house available currently. oh no. there's one!
one thats on the eighth floor. EIGHT im sayin'. and i can't stand climbing the stairs everyday and everytime. no no, imma be thinner and thinner until all the fats im havin' are sucked by the . uhm? glycolysis?

so we're still on our way finding a new one. oh this is frustrating pulak.

and and yeah we even told mama about this although we kind of rasa bersalah because she's been nice and all but heck, we wanna live . blease. blease.

and she went like " the owner of the house said we told him we wanna live here for 4 years and stuff thats why he changed the tiles and everything and went . no no dude. you cant leave. at least not for a year more, bleasee ok blease."

* note that i translated the whole thing so he didn't really say it that way. meshi?

and oh no dude we didnt say nothing and we aint stayin'
whatever you say as soon as we find a new house we're leaving. period!

thank you mama and the sons and the menantu and family for being nice. yeah you guys rock! but the owner of the house doesn't rock. at all.

peace y'all


The Forsaken said...

kt tingkat 8 xde lift ke? pelik kt sini 7 tingkat da leh bt lift. hope ko dpt jmpa rumah luas2

nur hanina said...

lif rosak la hahaha
okok thank you :D

karakoza said...

what's wrong with having to climb that high? My house is on the eighth floor, and I felt healthier each day :D

nur hanina said...

Oh dude you're so tabah and everything
I used to live in 7th floor when i was in zgzg.
I know that ill get used to it eventually but i don't know. I just can't bear climbing that high everyday! = =

Faisal said...

ko serious nak pindah nayna? :DD

nur hanina said...

mcm tak jadi je nik
sebab mama nak renovate rumah ktrg besarkan wee

Faisal said...

suke leteuwww haha :P

nur hanina said...

mesti leww. haha!