Sunday, March 20, 2011

Ze unplanned one

So everyone keeps on writing about their last days in malaysia. and i haven't updated mine.

So here i am doing the typical thing everyone does :)))

So I had my last breakfast in Malaysia ; Roti canai.

Have always loved one. Pair it with kari ikan, its gonna taste superb! Have always disliked dhal. not dislike actually but it doesnt taste as nice as curry lah :D

The unplanned holiday went okay. Minus the fact that I don't eat that much because..
because.. I dont know. i don't know.

So it's good because i get to meet my family, siblings, old friendsss and zee cousinss.
became an unplanned pengurus bunga telur for my neighbour's wedding.
Have always loved this kind of things :) i love kenduri. I dont really like going to kenduri of someone i don't know but imma like it if i become a part of it :)

went meronggeng with ze siblingblingblingblingssss although one is still missing i still haven't meet my brother because he's in indonesia currently. its been 2 years. 2 years dude.

get to meet Joleng. The cute cat that has a son already. Yes that annoying little kitten that keep playing with my foot while im sleeping = = Now im brave enough to sleep with Joleng and its kind of amazing since i was kind of afraid of cats before.

Meet Joleng, ze cat

and meet ze annoying little brother

the one that goes

" kakyanggg, nak lima ringgit"
"Belikan makanan kucing, kakyang baik kan pleasee please"
"nak beli seliparr"
and the list goes on.

bab membodek nombor satu!

the big brother is not available in pictures. since dia busy di utp. gah hah hah.
okay end

and yeah i went to Sunway Lagooooooooooooooooooon and it was superb!
Definitely am going there again next holiday. hehe

So im heading to klia in the evening since Mara wants us to be there at 7
at 7??????????????????? Have to wait a few hours there lah nampaknya.

And fyi my flight is on the 21st aka tomorrow at 12.30 am. AM.
So byeeeeeeeeeeee byeeeeeeee Malaysia! :)

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